Wedding at Woodman Inn, Nuthampstead

I will never forget Simon and Roisin's wedding. As with all weddings there are usually little things that crop up that need to be adapted or changed and I can honestly say my project management was serioursly put to the test on this wedding.

I broke my leg exactly one week prior to their wedding, as soon as I'd done it, my first immediate reaction was "I have a wedding to do!" There was no conseavable way I was letting them down.

I was taken to hospital where my mangled leg and dislocated foot were reset and I was operated on the following day. The doctor's had insisted that I remain in hospital for the rest of the week as I had just gone through major surgery to place and IM nail and some screws inside my tibula as I had a very nasty break.

Nope! Sorry! I discharged myself the next day as I had wedding preperations to do. I rallied around my favourite florist ladies and my friends to help me. I honestly couldn't have done it without them. The helped me prep the work, condition the flowers and assisted with making the table centrepieces, whilst I sat and worked at my table making the bridal bouquets and buttonholes.

As a team we did it! Everything was perfect and I did have some great people help me to deliver and set everything up and I was hobbling around on my crutches, I still needed to be there to make sure everything was perfect for our couple.

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