Candy buffets are now the very latest trend in wedding treats and entertainment ideas. We put great emphasis on pre-consultation and our consultants will take a full design brief to ensure we capture the theme and spirit of your wedding.

We then like to let our creative juices flow to develop and plan your Candy Buffet. Your Candy Buffet can be matched to almost anything - your bridesmaid's dresses, the venue, your stationery or even if you have one, a theme.

You can use your Candy Buffet for many purposes: an alternative to dessert, a decorative centrepiece or even instead of a favour to thank your guests. Candy-Man! takes care of everything for you. We setup the buffet with our stunning glassware, containers and then pack it all up at the end. And if you need we can even provide attendants to serve your guests and refill the buffet for you.

Prices start from £2.50 per guest with a minimum of 20 guests.

i-Candy Buffets