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Saffron Walden, Essex
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Origins Florist
2b Pleasant Valley
Saffron Walden
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Origins Florist, Saffron Walden is an independent florist. We create for every occasion but we specialise in weddings, Events & funerals. We also offer fantastic flowers for birthdays, special occasions and corporate functions. We also have some wonderfully different gifts available. We pride ourselves in good customer service and offer something different to traditional high street florists as we have our very own Bloom Bar! We offer fresh cut flowers for you to choose yourself, wrap and take away! Giving you ultimate choice and a great gift to take away for yourself or for another to enjoy.

Since the studio has grown, it became time to invest and establish the flower shop. We are beginning to build a good reputation locally. I now enjoy strong business relationships with venues for weddings and events in Royston, Saffron Walden and the surrounding areas. Being trusted by venues to liaise with their clients is fantastic, we get to work closely together, and ideas bounce from client to client - every event is different in the same venue. I really enjoy this, and the venue never looks the same twice!

I'm Collette Chester, I've been a florist for over 10 years. I’ve always been creative, making things by hand has always given me great sense of joy and accomplishment to give my creations to someone and see the joy on their faces. This has stayed with me throughout my adult life, I enjoy making people happy and in my early career as a care worker, I would give little handmade gifts to those I cared for on special occasions. When my husband proposed, it seemed only natural for me to make as much as I could, to really personalise our wedding. I took on the task to create my bouquets for our wedding. I’ve been hooked ever since!  I found my calling in life, so I studied all I could, gained valuable qualifications and event experience working for amazing companies in London and Manchester. I’ve met so many amazingly talented florists and floral designers, I am super proud to call them my peers, friends and true inspirations. I have a fantastic freelance team who I work with, who are amazingly talented! Without them, I would be lost, they are the true driving force behind Origins Florist.

 I love to get to know my clients and really enjoy creating the most memorable flowers for their weddings. I am proud to say that I care, I get involved as much as my clients wish me to be and I’m NOT “a drop and go florist” I really enjoy getting involved where I can to help where I can.

I’m not one for name dropping but my husband and best friend says I should (he’s the boss... apparently) So here is a few of the places I have worked: Anstey Hall, Cambridge, South Farm, Royston, Gosfield Hall, Essex, Fraser Palace, London, 10 Downing St, London, Milling Barn, Hertfordshire, Coltsfoot Country Retreat, Hertfordshire, The Crypt of St Etheldrea’s, London, Many more...

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